SqueeZurts Are Not Available At This Time

I am very sorry to announce that SqueeZurts are not available at this time.  These wonderful tubes have become so popular all over the world.  Thank you for that.  However, in an effort to be compliant with CPSC regulations, I am currently searching for a way to either obtain certification or purchase materials with certification.  Until that time, I do not feel I can offer SqueeZurts for sale.  Thank you for your understanding.  I am sorry for the inconvenience this will certainly cause.  Feel free to email with questions and check back for the return of SqueeZurts!

So...What are SqueeZurts Anyway?

Once upon a time, there was a mom who was looking for options to put in her daughter's school lunches that would be healthy, convenient, and soft on the budget.  Knowing her daughter had always loved frozen yogurt in squeezable tubes, the mom wanted to provide that option for her, but couldn't reconcile the price nor the additives and sugar that came from the store bought variety.  And so SqueeZurts were born.

SqueeZurts are reusable, refillable squeeze snack tubes that can be filled with anything you can come up with.  On top of the versatility and health benefits SqueeZurts allow, also reduce waste by reusing SqueeZurts over and over again.**

Yogurt. Applesauce. Baby Food. Energy Gel. Smoothies. Pudding. Fruit Juice. Veggie and Fruit Puree.  Frozen or not.
You control the ingredients  -  You control your nutrition

**SqueeZurts are made from PEVA, a vinyl composite that is PVC free (chlorine free), phthalate free, lead free, BPA free, and biodegradable!  PEVA is used in many reusable food containers (such as fabric lunch boxes and sandwich bags), teething rings, and bibs, as well as a variety of other uses. (Statements provided by PEVA manufacturer, but have not been 3rd Party Tested by SqueeZurts.)