About SqueeZurts

SqueeZurts came as a creative spark to Cheri, a stay at home mother of 4 daughters.  After the initial idea came, the hunt for the perfect material, pattern, and production method began.

The story behind SqueeZurts is shared by many moms and dads searching for health-friendly, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly alternatives to current snacks and packaging for kids.

SqueeZurts offer families an way to improve nutrition, decrease expenses, and increase variety, all while being a bit more green and leaving a smaller footprint on our planet.  SqueeZurts are refillable, reusable, and washable, which means you can use them over and over again.  You also get to choose what you put in them, be it yogurt, smoothies, fruit or veggie purees, energy gels, applesauce...truly your nutrition is in your hands.

SqueeZurts are especially great for families with children with allergies.  Often, kids with allergies or sensitivities cannot enjoy the store bought snack pouches or tubes.  But with SqueeZurts, you can fill them with dairy-free, dye-free, soy-free, anything-free snacks and your child can enjoy it right along with all their friends.

Because SqueeZurts are made from a home instead of a mass-producing factory, you can expect excellent customer care.