Q: What are SqueeZurts made of?
A: SqueeZurts are made from PVC-Free PEVA.

Q:  What is PEVA?
A: PEVA is a vinyl composite that is PVC free (chlorine free), phthalate free, lead free, BPA free, and biodegradable!  PEVA is used in many reusable food containers (such as fabric lunch boxes or fabric sandwich bags), teething rings, and bibs, as well as a variety of other uses.

Q:  Where are SqueeZurts manufactured?
A: SqueeZurts are not made in a factory, but in a home by a WAHM, in a smoke-free, pet-free environment.  All communication and transactions are therefore done directly between the customer and the manufacturer.

Q: How do I FILL SqueeZurts?
A: Pour desired food into a plastic squeeze bottle with a long spout.  Squeeze food into SqueeZurts.  fill only 2/3 full to leave room to close the tubes and for expansion when freezing.  DO NOT OVERFILL!

Q: How do I CLOSE SqueeZurts?
A: Included with your order are long, white twist ties.  To close, lay a twist tie perpendicular to the top opening of the SqueeZurt.  Roll the tube  down around the twist tie 3-5 times.  Bend the ends of the twist tie around the back of the tube and twist together.

Q: How do I FREEZE SqueeZurts?
A: Simply place filled SqueeZurts in the freezer, laying flat, for 12-24 hours until frozen.

Q: How do I SERVE SqueeZurts?
A: Serve SqueeZurts straight from the fridge or freezer, or a few hours after they have been removed from the freezer.  If serving straight from the freezer, briefly run tube under warm/hot water to loosen.

Q: How do I WASH SqueeZurts?
A: Rinse well with warm/hot water.  Agitate the fabric against itself.  Rinse well and then rinse again.  Liquid dish soap can be used, but be sure to rinse very well.

Q: How do I DRY SqueeZurts?
A: After washing, squeeze open the SqueeZurt to allow airflow into the inner chamber.  Stand tube upside down for 24+ hours.

Q: How do I STORE SqueeZurts?
A: For best results, either refill SqueeZurts immediately after washing and store in the freezer OR store empty, dry tubes in the fridge.  Avoid storing recently washed SqueeZurts in drawers as the lack of airflow can encourage mold growth if tubes were not adequately cleaned and dried.

Q: How do I TRANSPORT SqueeZurts?
A: Take your SqueeZurts with you anywhere you go!  Do not apply pressure to filled tubes during transport as they may leak under pressure.

Q: How do I wash the Squeeze Dispenser Bottle and Li'l Hands Cold Sleeves in my Starter Kit?
A:  Easy!  The Squeeze Dispenser Bottle is dishwasher safe.  The Li'l Hands Cold Sleeves can either be washed in the washing machine, or they can be hand washed in warm soapy water.  Just scrub the fabric against itself and lay flat to dry.  The Li'l Hands Cold Sleeves are stain resistant.

Q: My child bit a hole in the SqueeZurt.  What now?
A: If the hole is at the top of the tube, simply trim the affected area with scissors and continue using.